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AI #6: Automatic Freelance Jobs - DFY Upwork!
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A.I #16 - Build Your List With Weird "AI Traffic"!
AI, Get Me Buyer Leads
A.I #9: Create Entire Affiliate Promos & Bonuses!
Take Me To The Dark Side
A.I #3 - Chat-GPT Makes NEW Chrome Extensions!
Seriously? LET ME IN.
A.I #2 - Drive DAILY Buyer Traffic With AI Content!
Yes, Bypass The AI Detectors
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A.I #17 - Get Instant Traffic.. With Weird Animations!
OK, Let's Try Stable Diffusion
A.I #18 - Mid Ticket With MidJourney
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AI Apps From Last Week
AI Apps From March
AI Apps From 2022
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50x AI "Cheat-Codes" That Made Us $100-2200/Day - PRELOADED!

Paste words into AI, click 2x, watch as AI returns with commands that turn into cash. See.. I made over $20 million. Then, I turned that automation into specific "chains" of commands ("prompts"). Basically copy-paste templates that we use to make $100-400 per day over the last 12 weeks - with ClickBank, WarriorPlus, Upwork & more. All YOU need to do is paste text from any website, click twice - and watch as the AI applies my commands to YOUR specific niche or website..

THE State-Of-The-Art AI For April 2023

Most AI profiteers are just focused on Chat-GPT. Now don't get me wrong. I make A LOT of money with GPT. It's my MAIN AI in 2023. BUT, there are many more AIs! That's why GPT is just ONE of the 5 built-in apps you will profit with, when you join 2 Click AI. You will ALSO get pre-made, DFY apps for MidJourney, Playground and RunML. So you can create graphics, videos and animations - as well as the text, content, ebooks and software you make with GPT!

Generate 50x Income-Generating Assets

No matter your niche or method, your Internet business runs off "assets" - sales copy, graphics, videos, scripts, software, ecom products, icons, stories, plugins, websites, reviews, bonuses.. and 2-Click AI creates them all. Pretty much anything you would normally pay between $50 and $2,000 on a freelance site.. can be generated with 2 Click AI, for any niche in seconds...

Case Studies & Training Videos

Really, the whole process is so simple, we shouldn't even need these. But I will do a full breakdown of how each of the systems work, along with case studies on how I made $65k with AI just last month. Oh, and I also do free training webinars and update my tools into the future. As insane as it sounds, this is just the beginning!
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"$65k in 30" AI Case Studies (March 23)

March 23. The month I went CRAZY on AI. I generated over $65k this month, with a range of AI tools, all of which are automated via 2 Click AI. But, as well as the automation I'll give you a full "case study" breakdown on specifically what I did, logging into accounts, showing you "over the shoulder" proof so you can replicate me...

Fast Action Bonus #2

Chat-GPT April 2023 Masterclass

I'm ULTRA-DEEP down the Chat-GPT rabbit hole, and approaching $100k in profits made DIRECTLY from my BOSS-MODE prompts. I've used GPT to make me sales copy, software tools, chrome extensions, email swipes, affiliate landing pages and more. But.. I haven't talked about GPT in around 30 days. That's a LIFETIME in GPT land. As a special bonus welcome video, I'll break down how I'm profiting with GPT right now - and show you some next level prompts no-one else has.

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Create Videos With AI - MASTERCLASS

When you become a 2 Click AI insider, you'll get instant access to my breakdown of how I now make ALL my videos with AI (including the one at the top of this page). In fact, there are FIVE AI tools I use, and you probably don't know about AT LEAST two of them! Find out exactly how in 2023 I SLASHED my video costs from $300/minute down to $10/minute.. while INCREASING my engagement and SMASHING my conversion rate. These tactics DON'T involve expensive freelancers, they can all be done for dirt-cheap - or free! - right from your browser!

Fast Action Bonus #4

Expert AI Graphics - Secret Profit Booster

GRAPHICS are a HUGE driver on any website. Take this page for example. ALL the graphics you see were made with AI. In fact, in 2023, AI graphics have made me $10-20k. Yet NO-ONE is using the AI like me. Why? They don't know my AI-Stack & they don't know my prompts. This is fresh & new - with some of the AIs going live in the FINAL WEEK OF MARCH 2023. If you own a website, and want to 2x your conversions with AI, you NEED this edge.
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You know how exciting Chat-GPT and other "generative AI" tools, but you are barely scratching the surface of their potential...

You deeply suspect there is a private cabal of AI-nerds who have already mastered the AI and are disappearing into the ether...

And you've seen the results that we are getting with this every day...REAL results on ClickBank, Warrior, Upwork, Google & more...

But we can't keep this open much longer. We do need to draw the line somewhere, to protect the our own personal results - and those of our 2-Click AI enlistees.

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Here's What Makes This

5-In-1 AI Suite Special

Other AI Guides
Babyish introduction to AI
Uses the word "Chat-GPT" at least six times
Cynically put AI in the product name
NEW Chat-GPT App (works with Basic/Turbo/4.0)!
PROVEN Case Studies - $100-2000/day with AI
50x Pre-loaded "COMMANDS" that profit!
Profit With 5x AIs - inc GPT, MidJourney, Run, Playground!
Unlock The AI Goldrush... by clicking - 2x. That's it!
Level up your AI cash stack BEYOND Chat-GPT for 2023...
REAL 100% DFY Solution For AI Profits.. FRESH For April 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Q: What Is 2-Click AI?

A: The world's first app that lets anyone profit with not JUST Chat-GPT but *FIVE* AIs that make ebooks, software, graphics, videos & more.. just by double-clicking.. inside one of the 5x browser-based apps.

Q: How can I use AI to generate $xxx to $x,xxx per day?

A: You can login to the "2-Click AI" software INSANTLY in your browser. Then use the same methods that made us money. It's all automated and preloaded into the software suite.

Q: What Exactly Is An AI Tech Stack?

A: Chat-GPT is my "go-to" tool. But it still can't create videos, graphics or voice. That's why I combine GPT with other tools to create a full "tech stack". This is the secret for TRUE automation - and the ONLY way you can make money with AI in 2023. It's time to find out how I made $65k in March with AI chaining!

Q: Does this really work with any website? I just click 2x?

A: Yes, 2-Click AI really does work with any website or niche. You just add a few lines of text from your website (or an affiliate offer, or one of your competitors) then paste into the AI. For best results we recommend you copy-paste 10-50 words, but it varies with the specific commands (and each of the 5x tools in the suite)...

Q: I am a retired, confused technophobe. Will this help?

A: The good thing about AI is no-one else knows how to use it either.. except me. That's why I am writing this course in crayons. It's hand-puppet time, but by the end even confused newbies will become grizzled Jon Connors.

Q: How can I make money with AI today?

A: Many ways. If you do "normal marketing" then I will give you MANY templates and tactics. Also, remember you get RECENT case studies - how I made $135, $446, even $2,259 per day - with AI (I dive into each method in depth & make it all "copy-paste")

Click The Button Below Now For
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